Biomimetic Cosmetics PBT opens new facilities in the Paterna Technology Park

This expansion is part of the company’s expansion plan.  The new headquarters has 5,500 m2 in which the different departments will be distributed as laboratory, research, administration, and marketing.   05/30/18_ Biomimetic Cosmetics PBT opened its new headquarters last night located in the Technological Park of Paterna. The new headquarters is part of the expansion plan of the Valencian company that was born in 2016 and that currently has more than 25 people developing their activity in it. With the … Read More

4 reasons to use the SUN CARE from Biomimetic daily

                      Without a doubt, the best anti-aging cream is a quality photoresist. From Biomimetic Cosmetics we know it very well and as we care about the quality of your skin, we have created the most powerful solution on the market against aging induced by UV rays. Based on our SIN philosophy and after more than 16 months of research we can finally present a unique solution suitable for all skin … Read More

Biomimetic Cosmetics PBT sponsor of the Trends 2018 awards

Last Thursday, June 14, 2018, we were honored to be the sponsors of the 9th Gala of the Fashion Trends, Design and Culture 2018 awards that were held in Valencia. It was an honor to share the night with all the attendees and winners such as: Laura Ponte (best model), Gala González (best career), Mar Sura (fashion communication), Betto García (revelation in fashion design), writer and journalist Fernando Delgado (culture), Alvarno (best fashion designers), interior designer Carmen Baselga (design), Oliva … Read More

Happy World Sun Day! The star king that we must protect

Summer is without a doubt one of the favorite seasons for millions of people. It is a time for vacations, the beach, friends, and the sun. And today, June 21st begins the season that we’ve all been waiting for and until September 21st, it won’t finish. We have three months ahead of us to enjoy one of the happiest seasons of the year.       We know that the sun gives us life but do we know the importance … Read More

Remove your sun spots from the face and prevent the appearance of new ones

Sun Spots Sun exposure increases and often causes the appearance of sunspots. Despite the use of sun protection and having caution, sometimes we cannot prevent sunspots from appearing on the cheeks, forehead, or upper lip. It is because other factors come into play, such as age or genetic factors. In most cases, these sunspots pose only as an aesthetic problem, especially when they appear at some visible point on the body or face. Sunspots are alterations of skin color in … Read More

Biomimetic Cosmetics nominated for the iDermo 2019 awards

iDermo 2019 rewards the best dermo-cosmetic products Users, bloggers, pharmaceutics decide, through their opinions and votes, which are the best dermo-cosmetic products in the store. Hence the importance that Biomimetic Cosmetics was nominated for the iDermo 2019 awards. They focus on real opinions with the help of users, prescribers, and professions that, without a doubt, give prestige and recognition to a brand like Biomimetic, and our effort as a team to offer the best solutions to the most demanding problems … Read More


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