Prepare your skin for the summer

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Summer is coming and with it, the high temperatures. We all want to sunbathe to get the perfect tan, but you have to take into account how important it is to protect yourself well. Our skin has memory, and sacrificing your health at the expense of our tan is a bad decision.

In general, this season is when we take the most precaution in the sun, which is an error. It’s very important to perform skin care in the summer as during the rest of the year.

We need to take care of our skin 365 days a year, because also during this time it is exposed to the sun, because also during this time it is exposed to the sun, both UVB and UVA rays, regardless of the season in which we are.

The UVB and UVA rays are only a small portion of the solar rays to which we are exposed, but they are also the cause of the harmful effects of the sun on our skin. Remember that ultraviolet rays (UV) exposure is the main risk factor for skin cancer.

Do you know the difference between UVB and UVA rays? The UVB rays have a little more energy than the UVA rays. In fact, they are the main cause of burns and believed to cause the majority of skin cancers. On the other hand, the UVA rays do not cause burns, but they do damage the deeper layers of the skin and age it.

Therefore, protecting yourself from UVB and UVA rays is essential throughout the year.

Here are some methods to protect and have perfect skin in the summer and also the rest of the year:


It’s necessary to hydrate your skin in the hot months, but it is essential to do so also throughout the year.

A skin in perfect health contains a hydration level of more than 70% in the deeper levels and more than 10% in the most superficial layers of the skin.

The idea is to maintain a balance, although it is much more necessary to have the deeper layers hydrated since 90% of the skin pathologies occur in the epidermis. Biomimetic is the only dermo-cosmetic treatment that acts on the last layer of the skin, precisely where the living cells are.


In addition to moisturizing, we must give firmness, smoothness, and elasticity to our skin, to recover what we have lost during the winter.

In Biomimetic treatments, we recommend the antioxidant cream and especially depigmenting.

The antioxidant will help us fight free radicals, which damage our skin; they moisturize it deeply, leaving it soft and silky; they achieve an anti-fatigue and also improve the photoaging process of the skin.

The depigmenting, with its part, helps reduce skin spots, which is one of the main concerns of the population when we talk about the sun. A depigmenting treatment helps to give a homogeneous and balanced tone of the skin.

And with good firming treatment we will stimulate the synthesis of collagen and components that help regenerate the skin.


 A good diet is also necessary if we want to eat healthy, which has an impact on the improvement of our skin.

Here are the foods that help maintain healthy skin in the summer:

Citrus rich in Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant. In addition, its intake stimulants the production of collagen, necessary for the skin to preserve its firmness and elasticity.

Proteins obtained from meat and eggs, lycopene from tomato or vitamins obtained from nuts. Olive oil and red fruits also bring many vitamins to the skin that help reduce wrinkles, have antioxidant effects and prevent skin oxidation.


It’s advisable to be exposed to the sun with protection always (all year round). Just walking down the street exposes us directly to UVA rays. Getting a perfect tan is not at odds with skin protection.

You can wear a hat, sunglasses, and accessories to avoid contact with the sun.

In addition, you always have the best sun protection that can give us a good sun protector  and always apply it regularly

By following these steps you will be able to prepare your skin for the summer, although we recommend that you follow them throughout the year to have perfect skin and be careful.