What are the most common skin care errors

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cuáles son los errores más frecuentes en el cuidado de la piel

Making mistakes in skin care is very common. That is why it is convenient to know what they are, but especially important is to know how to solve them and to perform proper care of our skin.

Let’s analyze them one by one:

-Not knowing the importance of skin care

Especially at an early age, when you are younger, you are not aware that our skin requires care and a proper cleaning routine.

Excesses such as alcohol and tobacco, do not rest at night, do not eat a proper diet… all this makes our skin not look as it should.

It is important to know that starting from a young age with proper skin care can bring numerous benefits to an adult.


-Sun protection

Not protecting the skin from the sun properly is a very common mistake. And much more, not doing it all year round.

The skin has memory and abusing the sun today can cause problems like skin spots or wrinkles in the future.

It is also a common mistake not to use the right sunscreen when we are exposed to solar radiation.

It is also common to protect ourselves from the sun only during the summer months. This is a mistake. On winter days, rain or fog we must also protect ourselves from the sun’s rays.


– Incomplete skin care routines

When we are young we tend to believe that we don’t have to have a full care routine. This is another mistake.
It is very important to have a skin care routine, however young it is, just as it is necessary to add an eye contour or a protective factor to stop sun damage.

-Poor choice of products

It is essential to find those products that best suit our needs, according to our skin type, than to be constantly changing from one product to another.


-Hydrate only when we have dry skin

Generally, we only moisturize the skin when we notice symptoms of dryness.

We must hydrate our skin before noticing these first signs, to avoid looking a dry and neglected skin.

No matter the type of skin, hydration is one of the most important and fundamental factors for healthy skin. For this reason, all our pre-basic treatments have in their formulation, as main ingredients, hydrating high penetration assets to restore the hydration values in the skin.


-Not knowing what our skin type is

It’s very common not to know what our skin type is. This leads us to use products that are not suitable, and may even be counterproductive for our skin.


-Not getting enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep could cause the appearance of dark circles and a tired appearance of our face.
To have a bright, fresh skin, it is usually necessary to rest for about 8 hours of sleep each night.

By avoiding making all these mistakes we will contribute to improve and increase the health of our skin and, in addition, will have an impact on the improvement of our appearance.