5 Tips to Fight the Cold Temperatures on Your Skin

Low winter temperatures affect our skin and make it drier and quieter these months. And it’s this time of year when our skin looks drier and quieter because of the temperatures.



 Why does the cold have a negative effect on the skin?

Low temperatures shrink the capillary vessels so that not enough oxygen or nutrients reach the dermis. This causes extra dehydration in our skin and the result is a dull and more sensitive skin if we don’t give it the care it needs.

1-Daily hydration (day and night).

It’s not just a matter of meeting the record once a day. Care of our skin requires a lot of love in the morning and at night. Therefore we must know that both when you wake up and when you lie down you have to moisturize the skin.

2-Watch out for hot water!. 

There’s nothing we like better than after a hard day’s work in the middle of winter coming home and showering with boiling water, This one that leaves us the red skin and what many do not know is that it is very harmful to the skin because the dry and also the very hot water eliminates the hydrolipid mantle of our skin.

3-Hyaluronic acid.

This is one of the most necessary ingredients to fight against cold and dehydration of the skin since it is able to retain 1000 times its weight in water, therefore it is fundamental for the hydration of the skin.

4-Temperature changes.

This, like point 3, is one of the most committed mistakes in winter and that most affect our skin.We’re at home with the heat of the heat, we go out on the street and actually cool, we get to work and we put the heat back on. They are not random examples, it is the reality of the majority of population in winter and these so abrupt changes affect our skin, so it is advisable to moderate the temperature of the heating, your skin will thank you and we will avoid increasing the risk of spiders vascular and dilated capillaries.

5-Moisturizing masks.

Although it is recommended to use them all year round, in these winter months the skin suffers more for that reason we have to use repairing and hydrating masks to provide that extra hydration and not dry.