4 reasons to use the SUN CARE from Biomimetic daily

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Without a doubt, the best anti-aging cream is a quality photoresist. From Biomimetic Cosmetics we know it very well and as we care about the quality of your skin, we have created the most powerful solution on the market against aging induced by UV rays.

Based on our SIN philosophy and after more than 16 months of research we can finally present a unique solution suitable for all skin types, even the most intolerant and/or reactive, without chemical filters, alcohol, parabens, allergens, synthetic perfumes, dioxins, non-comedogenic, non-phototoxic and hypoallergenic and it is also invisible and leaves no residue.

The time has come to move from “Remember the sunscreen before going down to the beach!” how much our mothers have repeated to make “Suncare part of our daily beauty routine.” Fortunately, we live in a country where we have many hours of sun and whether it’s winter or summer our skin is exposed to the UVB-A radiation and in the long term, it has consequences.


That’s why today we want to give you four reasons to use SUN CARE of Biomimetic Cosmetics daily, regardless of the season we are in.

  1. Prevents Skin Cancer.
    One of the causes of this type of skin is UVA-B ultraviolet rays. The World Health Organization recognizes that repeated severe burns in childhood increase the risk of developing skin cancer in adulthood. _
  2. Delays the aging of the skin.
    As we said before, the best solution to fight against solar aging is a good protector.
    Did you know that 80% of aging is due to UVA radiation that affects us every day, regardless of the season of the year in which we are?
    So, if you want to delay wrinkles and above all you want your skin to be as good as possible, you have to include sunscreen in your daily beauty routine every morning.
  3. Avoid the appearance of spots.
    The vast majority of humans love the summer season but we do not fear that spots will appear later. These affect all types of skin and although today there is a specific treatment that reduces them, they can never be eliminated.
    The best solution is to prevent. 
  4. Fashion is temporary, your skin is for life.
    Like trends in fashion or technology, skin tan is also a fad. And although we are aware that all or almost all of us have tried to achieve it based on absurd inventions, it is very important that we are aware that the skin will always accompany us and the better care we give it, the more protected and healthier we will have it.