Happy World Sun Day! The star king that we must protect

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Summer is without a doubt one of the favorite seasons for millions of people. It is a time for vacations, the beach, friends, and the sun.

And today, June 21st begins the season that we’ve all been waiting for and until September 21st, it won’t finish. We have three months ahead of us to enjoy one of the happiest seasons of the year.


Today we are celebrating and not only because we started the summer, but because it’s World Sun Day, a day in which the star “King” becomes the center of attention worldwide. And today we will discover the power that the Sun has is so powerful and its light and heat energy is what we depend on for there to be life on Earth.

The Sun represents the greatest source of energy for the Earth and the living beings and thanks to it there is life in all forms we know, without the solar energy it would be possible for photosynthesis, the fundamental process for the production of the existence of life, in addition, the Sun is responsible for the variation of the temperature of the earth since depending on the distance at which the earth is located, the temperature will be higher or lower.



We know that the sun gives us life but do we know the importance of protecting ourselves from it?


Today, on June 21st, on the World Sun Day we want to remind you the importance of protecting ourselves from this,  it is also necessary to protect ourselves since in an inadequate way it can be harmful to both our skin and our health.


  1. Use SUN CARE SPF 50+. The skin is the largest organ that we have and it is vital that we take of it daily in the sun. Using Sun Care from Biomimetic Cosmetics PBT daily, whether it is in the winter or summer, will help you prevent diseases such as skin cancer and also prevent signs of aging such as spots and wrinkles and premature aging of the skin. It is important to use an adequate photoresist, that is why in Biomimetic SPF we have created this based on our SIN philosophy so that all types of skin can use it.



  1. Avoid sun exposure in the central hours of the day in the summer. Especially when the UV rays are strongest, between noon and 4 in the afternoon.


  1. Use clothes and accessories that protect. Hats, caps, and sunglasses should be essential in the summer because they help protect us from solar radiation.


Now that you know, enjoy the summer but don’t forget to protect yourselves. Happy summer!