Remove your sun spots from the face and prevent the appearance of new ones

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Sun Spots

Sun exposure increases and often causes the appearance of sunspots.

Despite the use of sun protection and having caution, sometimes we cannot prevent sunspots from appearing on the cheeks, forehead, or upper lip. It is because other factors come into play, such as age or genetic factors. In most cases, these sunspots pose only as an aesthetic problem, especially when they appear at some visible point on the body or face.

Sunspots are alterations of skin color in certain areas. Those that concern us more are the those that have darker spots than ours, generally of a brown tone. Those are produced by an excess of pigmentation of the skin, by melanin, at a specific point.

The most common types of spots are moles (nevus), freckles, solar lentigines (known as age spots), and melasma (or excess melanin on the skin) on the parts most exposed to the sun, which tend to be the prominent areas of the face such as cheekbones, nose, and forehead. This last type of spot usually happens, especially, to pregnant women and to women taking oral contraceptives or hormones.

Exposure to the sun negatively influences any of these spots, making them darker temporarily in freckles and moles, permanently as in the case of melasma or even favoring their appearance in the case of lentigines.

Depigmenting Treatment

The best way to prevent sunspots from appearing is through prevention through the daily use of a high solar-photo protector, such as our SUN CARE (SPF 50). Another good ally will be anti-spot cosmetics that incorporate sunscreen that blocks the negative action of UVA/B rays.

If the spots have already appeared, including in your daily routine of caring for your skin the use of depigmentation Pre-Base Treatment, you will notice how your spots are softening little by little. In addition, this treatment will allow you to nourish, moisturize and regenerate skin cells from the inside. All this thanks to its active principles and a patented cross-polymer of hyaluronic acid, lysine, and polyglutamic acid.

Use sunscreen all year, choose the right sun protection for your type of skin, apply the sun scream half an hour before sun exposure, use sunglasses and avoid sunbathing in hours when the sun’s rays are more intense than the recommendations that we should all follow.

With aging, the skin loses its capacity for regeneration, which increases the risk that the spots will appear if we continue to sunbathe without the necessary precautions. For this reason, the use of facial cosmetics appropriate to our skin type is essentially important beyond the barrier of 30.